A Windy Vancouver Island Engagement of Two Book Lovers- Pokemon Pumped in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria | Parksville & Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

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An engagement session in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria

Tamara and Terrence met in Victoria, fell in love in Victoria, and frequently visit the beautiful Beacon Hill Park. They decided to have their engagement session at this versatile location too. With ponds, ducks, peacocks, landscaping to a tee, and the Dallas Road beach not too far away, the shooting possibilities are endless. On the last day of August, it was a windy afternoon with a strong sun. We played throughout the entire park, as we got to know each other through little games and prompts. Their relationship has no shortage of giggles and small-talk; it was wonderful photographing this part of their story and look forward to their wedding next year.

Parksville Qualicum Beach Wedding Photographer - Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

Engagement photos that capture the character of your relationship.

I LOVE the engagement session. I include it in every wedding package because I believe it is an invaluable way to get to tell another part of your story, eliminate any camera-shy, get you used to my lens and me, and most importantly, we come to know each other and I understand your values on a deeper level. Through prompts, games and questions, I learn things about your relationship while at the same time bringing out candid captures between the two of you. Some things I commonly ask my couples are, “Tell me the story of how the proposal happened, one sentence at a time while taking turns,” “Whisper in his ear, in your sexiest voice, what you ate for breakfast this morning,” “Create a secret handshake with five moves total… but the catch is you can’t use your hands.”

By engaging you with the environment and with each other, you stop focusing on the fact that a camera is following you around. If there was any camera-shy at all, you don’t feel it because I’m distracting you. You end up laughing and thinking through what I’ve asked you to do, creating genuine moments and unabashedly-you images. I learned that these two LOVE books. You’ll see they actually chose to bring two books with them as one of their props. I asked them something I hadn’t asked anyone yet before; “Each of you think of a word. Say it out loud and the other must spell it and use it in a sentence.” That was cute :) Every session is so different.

Parksville Qualicum Beach Wedding Photographer - Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

Bringing props to your engagement photoshoot that tell another part of your story.

I always try to include some idiosyncrasies of each relationship into the images. No two relationships are the same- and everybody has their unique little silly things that they do. I ask my couples questions like what passions have you influenced each other on, what mutual hobbies do you have, and where do you spend your time together. I learned that these two LOVE reading, (they actually both work in the literary world), they have a son together, enjoy a great cup of coffee and also like Pokemon!

At Christmas last year, the two were given a pair of Pokemon bracelets that say, “I CHOOSE YOU!” Silly and sweet, which pretty much sums up their mannerisms together. We rocked that prop as well as a goofy prompt that I now ask all of my Pokemon fan clients; “Each of you choose a Pokemon. On my mark, pretend to be that Pokemon and battle each other with that characters moves.” It is too funny!

Another prop they brought with them were books. Each chose a book, and we spent some time reading out loud and looking over each others shoulders for some cute images. Another one of Tamara’s superpowers is speaking French. I was blown away when she started translating A Book Of Love by John Hadfield out loud, with no delays at all!

Parksville Qualicum Beach Wedding Photographer - Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer