Starting up a family is a huge milestone in life- and a beautiful one that will continue growing with memories and blissful moments. Children can always put a smile on your face, and there is nothing like cuddling and hearing the words, I love you. Devee Photography will capture this emotion through cheery and relaxed photoshoot sessions. We can do the shoot outdoors (in the sun for your little one), or inside your home sweet home. We know just how fast babies grow, they really don’t stay little for long- so capture them in a timeless image that will surely bring you right back to those teeny hands!

Simple and Sweet:     $250Parksville Baby Photography


-1.5-2 hours

-20 edited images on disk

-online gallery


Belly-to-Baby:     $500

-2 photo sessions, each 1.5-2 hours

-belly, 8-9 monthsParksville Baby Photography

-baby, 1-4 weeks

-50 edited images on disk

-online gallery


Download my Maternity guide here: Maternity Guide- Devee Photography

Parksville Baby Photography