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Should I invite my wedding photographer to my wedding rehearsal?

Yes. It is a great idea to invite your wedding photographer to your wedding rehearsal. Rehearsals are usually held the day before, at the same time and place as your ceremony location. It’s very likely that your photographer will be there at that time anyways checking out the light, so you may as well extend the invite to have them meet your family, bridal party and officiant. It gives you the opportunity to ask the expert light-watcher about whether you are standing in the very best place or not.

Your wedding photographer will likely be there the day before anyways.

Wedding photographers are lovers of light. They also like to be prepared by seeing the ceremony location ahead of time to know exactly what the light will look like. The best time to do this is as close to the wedding date as possible, at the exact same time your ceremony will take place. Rehearsals tend to happen the day before as the bridal party and family have traveled to the town by then. If it takes place during the same time as your actual ceremony, you can get a great visual on where the light will be. (If this is an outdoor wedding!) Photographers will tell you to avoid harsh spotty shadows, and if possible be either back lit by sunlight or be standing entirely in shadow. If you’d like a better comprehension of this, having your wedding photographer at your rehearsal will allow you to nail down the best spot. P.S…. not to worry if there are spotty shadows, photographers will work with EVERYTHING they are given and will deliver their best work. You just can’t get evenly lit, creamy pictures with spotty shadows.

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Give your wedding photographer a head start by letting them meet your family, bridal party, emcee and officiant.

My favorite part about attending the rehearsal is meeting the guests. The better I recognize who is who, the more I can put together the story the next day. Knowing who your maid of honor is, knowing the best man, knowing that your hot mom is not actually your sister!  It’s especially great when your emcee is present. They are a key piece of communication between the wedding photographer and the guests. I can give them the heads up about formal portrait announcements, and he/she will be prepared for this. I can also talk with the officiant and ask them for cues about their dialogue. I appreciate knowing the approximate length and structure of the dialogue so that I can float around taking pictures until near the kiss where I’ll plant myself in the best position for that. Sometimes it can sneak up us! One of my goals as a wedding photographer is to memorize as many faces/names as I can. It creates a comfort between us and allows for a more candid and natural photograph of them.

If my wedding photographer attends my rehearsal, will that take away from my package coverage hours?

No, your wedding photographer will not subtract any hours of coverage on the wedding day by attending your wedding rehearsal. But do be prepared if they can’t make it. If it’s a Saturday wedding, your photographer will most likely be at a wedding on the Friday and won’t be able to attend. Definitely ask! Vancouver Island Adventure Wedding Photographer