10 Years Together ~ Celebrating Love at Tonquin Beach ~ Tofino, BC

Tonquin Beach Engagement Photos- Tofino Wedding Photographer

Celebrating 10 Years Together, Capturing Love During Their First Time Visiting Tofino

Celebrating 10 years together, Taylor and Wade captured their love in photographs during their first time visiting Tofino. Tonquin Beach is one of my favorite places to photograph couples and families in Tofino because it showcases both the iconic sandy beaches and rugged West Coast forests in one convenient setting close to downtown Tofino. Taylor and Wade decided to take a road trip from Kelowna to the West Coast of Vancouver Island to celebrate their 10th year as a couple. When we met each other in the parking lot, I was expecting to see a couple in their thirties or forties meet me, and I had to double take when they confirmed it was them! They then told me that yes, they have been together since sixteen years young! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to these two!

Some Prompts and Engagement Play During the Photoshoot

During every photoshoot that I do, I love to engage the couple/family with each other and the environment. This allows you to warm up to me, and it shifts the focus of “I’m being photographed” to being more present in the moment. It gets you laughing and reminiscing, creating memories and enjoying yourself. Some prompts I used on these two, celebrating 10 years together are:

>Each of you remember one of your very first dates. I want you to give each other a clue as to what date you’re thinking about, without giving it away.

>Communicate something using only facial expressions. Take turns guessing what that person is saying.

>Rhyme back and forth as far as you can go with the word “sneeze”. Whoever can’t think of another words gets tickled by the other.

>Tell her about a time you were really proud of her and why.

>Frolic towards the camera.

These prompts usually get you laughing, feeling more alive in the moment, and forgetting about any self-consciousness being photographed.