2018~ A Photographers Year in Review | Parksville & Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

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2018; Visual Storytelling, Playful Experiences, Memories and Friendships Gained

The past year has been an incredible journey with photography. I am so grateful for all of my clients and their trust in my capturing a little piece of their life stories. Capturing playful experiences like dancing in the West Coast waves at Sombrio Beach, gazing at the stars by a campfire in Pachena Bay Campground, photographing an outdoor April wedding that was absolutely pouring down rain, and other beautiful unique weddings, elopements, family portrait sessions and adventurous engagements. I met some very lovely people and gained friendships and memories.

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Wherever the Stories Take Me; Adventurous Vancouver Island Locations

I had the pleasure of travelling to various areas of Vancouver Island to photograph the stories of my clients. I love driving up and down the Island and exploring it’s many gems, and I am fortunate that my clients were up for adventures as well!  Dara and Darnell let me take them through the logging roads to reach Fossli Park on Sproat Lake during a very wet April day to photograph their engagement among a grove of Maple Trees. Emily and Shaun met me at Sombrio Beach for a spectacular sunset and beach fire, Jack and Charlotte went camping with me in Pachena Bay- a place of many fond memories for their relationship. Janice and Shane trusted me to photograph their West Coast elopement along the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet, and many other parks, especially beaches. Well when you live on an Island absolutely rimmed in beaches, it’s kind of a give in!

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Prompts and Games; Playful Portraits

This year, I invested in an educational tool called Unposed. This program teaches photographers tricks and methods for engaging with clients to create authentic laughter and genuine moments. These cards opened the floodgates for me creatively with prompts; I absolutely love engaging my couples with these games. It removes any kind of camera shy from them, I learn about their relationship and personalities, and come to understand their values. I have prompts that get you laughing such as “Whisper in her ear, in your sexiest voice what you had for breakfast this morning.” Games that reveal the history of the relationship; “Taking turns, one sentence at a time, tell me the proposal story.” With families, it’s a similar ball game; “Everybody think of an animal and on the count of three, make that animals sound as loud as you can”, “Take the kids hands and have them make some cookies, they have to guess what the activity is.” With games like these, I am capturing the moment. You don’t need to worry about looking right at my camera and smiling your best smile~ I can get that smile out of you. This was definitely a game changer for me, and I am creating more prompts all the time. I can’t wait to try out “Twerk her off of your back!”

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Happy New Year~ May All Of Your Dreams Take Action and Come True