2022, a Wedding Photographer’s Year in Review as a Full-Time Photographer!

2022, a Year in Review as a Full-Time Wedding Photographer

This marks my first complete calendar year as a full-time wedding photographer since quitting my day-job back in July 2021. A full year of relying on my income to get me through my bills, adventures, and even buying a house! I had been working 40 hours/week since 17 years old. Except for the occasional months-long road trips or education sprees, I was always working full time. I went to photography school at North Island College in 2013, and pursued selling my photography services on the side. It took me YEARS to build up the confidence to ask for money, and to consider my art a business. In 2021, the rising tension between my business, time, and commitment to my employer bubbled past containment. When my dad became sick with a terminal illness at around that same time, I realized more than ever the importance of where I spend my time. The next day after wondering if I should quit my job entirely, I gave my notice.

Quitting My 40hr/Week Day Job

Quitting my day job was life changing! I was able to spend more time with my father before his passing, and photography opportunities kept presenting themselves. 2021 was an ideal time for pursuing wedding photography full time. The 2020 Covid-19 restrictions caused a major backlog of couples wanting to celebrate with a restriction-free wedding.  Conservative in nature, letting go of a paycheck every 2 weeks felt risky. But the bookings they did come! I built connections in the wedding industry which continue to refer gigs to me. And I poured myself into my website’s SEO during the winter months. Come 2022, I had booked more weddings than ever before and my sales increased. 

In 2022, I had the pleasure of photographing 31 unique wedding stories. This was a 138% growth increase from the previous year’s 13 weddings. I shot a total of 97 gigs, including commercial, wedding, elopement, engagement, family, and boudoir. Between shooting, email communications, social media marketing and editing, I was working roughly 6 hours/day Mon-Fri. I made more income overall by X2+, and I was working less hours and loving every minute of it. I could go to Crossfit 4-5 times per week, help my mother plan my dad’s celebration of life, camp/kayak/adventure/spend time with family, friends, and my partner, and I could nourish my body with healthy home-cooked meals. Saving a substantial deposit for the purchase of our home was also a huge benefit!

What I am Grateful For in 2022

I am grateful for my clients for trusting me to capture these fleeting moments. And for trusting that I will capture them in a comfortable, honest image which reflects who they really are. They choose me and pay me for my service, which absolutely stuns me!! Thank you to the wedding industry experts I have built friendships with, whose referrals are helping me live this life! Jane Good of Circle Ceremonies feels like a kindred soul from the first time I met her. Thank you Tigh Na Mara who has listed me as a Preferred Vendor. Allie Watters from Across the Watters introduced me to Pender Island and Poets Cove weddings. Andy at West Coast Helicopters had me as the elopement photographer for their incredible wedding packages. Thank you thank you thank you!

Some Professional Achievements From 2022 as a Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Island Helicopter Elopement
Here is one of the incredible helicopter elopement weddings with West Coast Helicopters. Chelsea and Tyler play a game of bocce ball with their besties on a remote West Coast island. I am beyond thrilled to be the photographer for helicopter elopements with this company.
Ashley and Frank’s memorable Tigh Na Mara wedding, pulled off during an unexpected April snowstorm with the power coming back on with just minutes to spare before dinner-cut off. I am so thankful to be a preferred vendor for Tigh Na Mara, this venue is seriously THE BEST!!
Marta and Manuel’s Salmonarm wedding was my first mainland wedding. It was a highlight to travel to my Auntie and Uncle’s farm to watch their farm helpers, Marta and Manuel, tie the knot with their family and friends.
Melody and Wim insisted on travelling from the mainland specifically so that I could photograph them on the beach at sunset! This felt like a huge compliment to me as an artist, as this shows that I have a certain style and aesthetic that draws people chose to hire me.
Moorecroft Park Wedding
I am very grateful to have met this kindred soul, Jane Good of Circle Ceremonies. We met in 2021, and have been working together often since then. It’s a pleasure every time.
Photographing couples during their engagement session allows my clients to get comfortable with me in front of the camera. At the end of the sessions, I love receiving the feedback that they felt really comfortable with me and enjoyed the experience. I have become confident in my ability to convince people that they are photogenic!
Kimberly put her full faith in me to curate an evening for her and her family, celebrating her and her hubby’s 10 year wedding anniversary. She asked me to chose two locations, and to set the timing as well. This was a huge compliment as she showed her trust in me as a professional! Thank you Kimberley and fam! ♥
I finally learned how to create this gorgeous golden glow naturally using the right lens and lighting scenario. I’m hooked now!! Yes, absolutely still learning and growing year after year.
2022 was the year I discovered this incredible shooting location in Nanoose Bay. I am here all the time now shooting families, couples, and even meeting clients just to chat!
I won this beautiful golden star gown from Wild and Cozy Closet, which prompted the beginning of my own client closet to offer clients.
Photographing weddings alongside my partner, Yannick, has been amazing. He is often hired to film the wedding with drone, and I love working with him! Huge highlight of 2022! ♥