A Palindrome Ambigram Engagement Photoshoot at the Living Forest Campground ~ Alicia and Michael

Nanaimo Wedding Photographer - Living Forest Campground, Nanaimo ~ Engagement Photos Nanaimo

Engaged on the Palindrome, Seven Years in Love at the Giant Steel Wheel

Alicia and Michael have expressed their love and feeling for each other for seven years! They recently became engaged and thought that taking their engagement photos at the giant steel wheel in Nanaimo would be a perfect spot. This is where they had one of their early dates, and later on that night told each other they loved each other for the first time. They have been coming back to this location ever since, and now walk their Weimaraner dog Vera here too. Their seven year anniversary happened to land on a unique numerical date; 2/22/22, a palindrome and ambigram too! The world was calling it “Two’s-Day” as it fell on a Tuesday. Alicia and Michael are quite nerdy and love a good intellectual discussion, so this number scheme worked for them wonderfully.

What is the Giant Steel Wheel at the Living Forest Campground?

The giant steel wheel situated at the Living Forest Campground in Nanaimo is a docking structure called a dolphin. The property was once a storage area for these docking structures, as well as a concrete plant and barge manufacturing facility. This dolphin docking structure is intended to be a form to hold timbers and concrete, to assist in securing the ferries when docking. Cool!