Ben & Jenny’s Qualicum Beach Wedding ~ Eaglecrest Golf Course Wedding

Qualicum Beach Wedding Eaglecrest Golf Course

Ben & Jenny’s Romantic and Rainy Qualicum Beach Wedding

Ben and Jenny celebrated their wedding within 1 km of their ocean-view home in Qualicum Beach. It was a rainy and slightly chilly day in April but that only added to the romance. The ceremony and reception were held at Eaglecrest Golf Club’s Thalassa Restaurant with formal photographs taken at the Heritage Forest and the beautiful historic Crown Mansion. They had the talented Carla Felgel of My Sketchy Friends do a series of live paintings of their wedding story, ceremonial white doves were released in commemoration of loved ones lost, and the speeches made everybody in the room cry. It was a beautiful day.

Their Love Story

Ben and Jenny met at a mutual friends wedding a number of years ago. They didn’t know each other, but Jenny ended up dancing with Ben’s young son Rhys for hours that night. The two of them had a blast together and eventually Jenny met the boys dad; handsome, French-speaking, snowboarding enthusiast Ben! They exchanged contact info and kept in touch. They reconnected in person down the road and that was it. They were both single and realized that their values, ambitions, ethics, and love were mutual. They bought a home together in downtown Qualicum Beach, had a son together and pursued their own businesses. Ben builds tennis courts and is skilled in construction, and Jenny has established a fun and flourishing Paint Night business called Oceanside Paint Party. At the time, I worked in the deli at Naked Naturals and got to know them both well as customers. By the time their wedding came around, it felt like I was a friend.

Qualicum Beach Wedding Eaglecrest Golf Course


Local Qualicum Beach Vendor Love

Ben and Jenny value shopping local and supporting their community. Their Qualicum Beach wedding was SO local they could walk to the venue and getting ready location within 3 minutes. The boys got ready at their home, the girls dolled up down the street at Elizabeth Manor, and the wedding was up the street at Thalassa Restaurant where Jenny regularly hosts Paint Nights. Carla Flegel of My Sketchy Friends is a local artist who was hired to paint a series of watercolor images depicting their wedding story. Florals were done by a friend who also lives in the area, Evelyn. They hired their wedding photographer who lives in Parksville too! ;)

What if it Rains on my Wedding Day? Make it Work!

They picked April as their wedding date. On Vancouver Island, there is a high chance of rain happening on any given April day. As they say, “April showers bring May flowers.” The day of, the weather report called for on and off rain throughout the day. About thirty minutes away from ceremony time, Jenny had to make a decision. They could continue chancing an outdoor ceremony or take it indoors. She stuck with outdoors overlooking the ocean. At first, it was just a drizzle and all of the bridesmaids carried clear decorative umbrellas. As the bride and groom exchanged vows, the rain came down harder and harder. It came down SO hard that they had to raise their voices while exchanging vows. At that point, everybody just started laughing! The rain was bouncing off of Ben’s shoulder, but boy did he ever have the biggest grin on his face. I captioned this photo, one of my favorites, “An absolutely beaming, soaking wet groom!” Everyone embraced the rain and ended up laughing, it also increased the romance in many opinions!

Qualicum Beach Wedding Eaglecrest Golf Course

Silver Wings Ceremonial White Dove Release

Two doves were released after the exchange of vows as a commemorative gesture remembering Ben’s sister and Jenny’s mother. White doves are seen as a symbol of love, peace, calmness, fidelity, hope, faithfulness, honesty and dedication. SilverWings Ceremonial Dove Release is based out of Qualicum Beach, BC, and has various dove release packages from two doves to twenty-four doves! They have an aviary and raise and train their own doves at the property. As Ben and Jenny released the two doves into the sky, they flew high above us until we could only see two little white spots soaring together. They begin by flying in a huge circle to get a sense of where they are, then they go home. SilverWings doves fly home from anywhere between Courtenay and Nanaimo. Read further into this business here.

Qualicum Beach Wedding Eaglecrest Golf Course


Venue: Eaglecrest Golf Club and Thalassa Restaurant

Women Getting Ready: Elizabeth Manor

Dove Release: Silver Wings Ceremonial White Dove Releases 

Live Painting: Carla Flegel- My Sketchy Friends

Dress: Vera Wang

Formal Photograph Location: Heritage Forest and Crown Mansion

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