A Rainy Tigh Na Mara Wedding

Faline and Matt’s Romantic & Rainy Tigh Na Mara Wedding

Faline and Matt’s rainy Tigh Na Mara wedding was an example of how incredibly strong rains don’t have to put a damper on a celebration. On September 17th, 2021, the rainclouds came to Parksville and poured all day long, heavily! This did not darken any moods.Tthere was plenty of laughter and fun to be had, and Tigh Na Mara is a wonderful resort for backup plans. I have photographed weddings at the resort in every weather condition; snow, extreme rain, sun, overcast, and even a power outage! I am always impressed with the versatility and adaptability of Tigh Na Mara. 10/10 recommend this resort as a wedding venue.

Wedding Day Memories

Faline and Matt’s ceremony was held in the outdoor covered patio area, a beautiful, spacious setting that is a fabulous backup plan for rainy days. The original ceremony location was the gazebo, and the guest list was too large to fit underneath the shelter, so they opted for the patio. They did use the gazebo for a private first look though! Matt stood underneath, looking at the ocean while Faline was ushered by her bridal party under many umbrella to greet him. It was adorable. We took their bridal party photos here prior to the ceremony.

After the heartfelt ceremony, we took a few formal photos in the same setting; in the outdoor covered patio area. Guests were dry, and the Edison lights sparkled in the background. For Faline and Matt’s intimate formal photos, we geared up with clear umbrellas and shot just a 30-second walk away from cover and shot in the Arbutus trees. The rain was pooling on the roadside, and water was dripping from their umbrellas. We took about 5 minutes or less and then hurried back under cover. It was chilly! But that was all the time we needed, these two brought the fire! ♥

For the reception, emotional speeches were given and fun games were played. Delicious dinner and desert, coffee, and turquoise colored shots were enjoyed. Dancing was not permitted at this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic and provincial regulations, but this really didn’t put a damper on their good times. Everybody had an incredible time. I finished my time with the newlyweds with a few photos outside in the glow of the patio lights and among the privacy fabrics. It was a quiet moment and a beautiful end to my time with them.

Wedding Day Games

  • Blindfolded Bride and Groom. The bride was blindfolded (with a mask to show the Covid times!) and felt the biceps of 5 men, 1 of them being her husband. Faline guessed her hubby correctly! And for the groom, he too was blindfolded with a mask and had to guess the hands of his wife. He guessed correctly too!
  • Epic Movie Kiss-Scenes. Faline and Matt are big movie buffs. Whenever one of their guests wanted to clink their glass to make the newlyweds kiss, they had to describe a scene in a movie where the couple kisses in an epic way. The bridal party helped Matt make the moves, and boy were there some intense kisses!!
  • Mystery Drink. Both the bride and groom took turns watching guests take a shot of something. One of the shots was not the real deal. They had to guess who took the fake shot. One of them was spicy, so hiding that face was a real skill, and the other was sour. Nobody guessed the right answers here! But lots of laughs!!

“Deanna made us feel so at ease during the engagement shoot and our wedding day. We weren’t sure if we would go with the 6 or 10 hour package initially due to the changing COVID-19 restrictions. She was flexible, and we were able to decide on the 10 hour package once we got closer to the wedding date with no new updates from the PHO. We are thrilled with the photos. She is responsive and sends us photos in the time frame she had said she would. We highly recommend Deanna to photograph your day!” -Faline and Matt