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Adventurous Little Qualicum River Photo Session

An adventurous Vancouver Island outdoor couples portrait session, set against the incredible Little Qualicum River that has carved its way through hard rock over centuries. It’s a spectacular river that flows cold and strong, especially during our winter months. This is a popular tourist destination, but us locals know where to go for the quiet, off-the-beaten-track locations. These two asked me to photograph their blossoming relationship in a location they both love to swim at during the summer months, a place they’ve both grown up with. They told me a story during our session, that they would hangout here together with a mutual group of friends during high school. Kevin had a big crush on Marrissa during those days, and it never really faded. A couple years after high school, that crush became mutual and now they are a totally rad couple! Their passion for learning, hard work and adventure keeps their schedules busy, but they always make time to be together while pursuing their goals. She even visits him at least once per summer, wherever he is while tree planting, embracing the hundreds of bug bites that come with the kisses.

Their adventure portrait session was barefoot, hot during the summer season, and included a refreshing swim. We jumped into that river like YEAH! I got to know them even better a few days after this as we took a float plane to Nootka Island off of Vancouver Island’s West Coast near Gold River to hike the Nootka Trail. Now that was an adventure! I love making new friends and opening up opportunities with people. Adventure sessions are my favorite, especially when they involve hiking, swimming or camping- or even better, all of the above!