Ammonite Falls Engagement Session ~ Heat Wave in BC? Let’s Go Swimming ~ Parksville Wedding Photography ~

During a BC Heatwave, Let’s Go Swimming For Our Engagement Photos!

Paulo and Torill were scheduled to have their adventurous engagement session during one of BC’s 2021 summer heat waves. It was a HOT day. Very hot. These two were visiting Vancouver Island from the big city on the mainland and we couldn’t reschedule the engagement shoot. They wanted an adventurous, nature-rich setting and we had decided on Ammonite Falls in Nanaimo. They had never been here before! The summer heat wave was advantageous to us in the end, as there was only one other group visiting these falls that day, and the weather was cool in the shade and draft of the waterfall. After a few photos dry at the pool’s edge, these two jumped in and became refreshed with swimming. I jumped in as well :)

I love taking my clients to adventurous Vancouver Island settings that are rich in nature and show the wildness of the Island. If you are interested in a session at Ammonite Falls, be prepared for a 30 minute casual walk through the forest, and then a decent by ropes to the waterfalls themselves. A fear of heights will make this part difficult, and good shoes are essential. Bringing your dog here is not recommended, and getting right down to the falls themselves is very season-dependent. In the winter and fall, the waterfall has too much water flow and there is no ground access. Spring, Summer, and early Fall are the best times to shoot at Ammonite Falls.

Pro Tip: *Torill had her wedding hair trial earlier that day- looking gorgeous for her engagement photos.*