An Extremely Windy 60th Birthday ~ Family Photos at Rathtrevor Beach

Rathtrevor Beach ~ Parksville Family Photographer

Celebrating 60 Years with Family at Rathtrevor Beach

Julie’s mom would be celebrating her 60th birthday on October 16th, and wanted to capture the memory of her family being together. On an incredibly windy day in Parksville, Julie and her family of 13 members met me at Rathtrevor Beach for some family photos and fun. It was freakin windy! In any given photo, you can see sideways hair and white-capped waves on the ocean. While taking photos at the beach, my camera lens would become salty and required me to clean it off every 10 minutes or so. We worked really quickly so that this family wouldn’t freeze. The poor girl who had the lovely intention of dressing up nicely for her grandmother by wearing a short floral dress had to wear her dads plaid jacket just to keep warm!

During the session, everybody was laughing. There was a nephew travelling from Ontario, and a daughter who had travelled from the Yukon to be here. Nobody minded the wind or salty residue building up on their skin because they were just so happy to be together. The little twin boys had it the hardest and could only be present for a few photos before heading back to the warm car for snacks. In less than one hour, we captured full group photos, every smaller family group, just the siblings, grandma and grandpa, mom with her kids, and all the couples too.

Thank you for hiring me as your Parksville family photographer and having the BEST attitude during the crazy windy day at Rathtrevor Beach.