An Intimate Qualicum Beach Wedding ~ with a Black Wedding Dress & a Ring Bearing Hawk

Qualicum Beach Wedding | Elizabeth Manor Wedding | Qualicum Beach Wedding Photographer

An Intimate Qualicum Beach Wedding at Elizabeth Manor

Agnes and Nick celebrated their wedding among an intimate group of family and friends at the Elizabeth Manor in Qualicum Beach. They married their way, doing things in a style that reflect who they are. They married on a Sunday in the front lawn of the beautiful and historic Elizabeth Manor, the sun was hiding beneath a slight layer of smoke due to the mainland wildfires but it actually suited them! Agnes wore a black wedding dress that she made herself, and their ring bearer was a hawk! Nick made their wedding cake and even cooked dinner that night for everyone. These two are not afraid to tackle any challenge and love a good creative session- their wedding was no exception.

Qualicum Beach Wedding | Elizabeth Manor Wedding | Qualicum Beach Wedding Photographer

Their Love Story

I was invited to Agnes and Nick’s house for the wedding photography consultation. They wanted me to have a glimpse into their lives so that I could really understand them and capture their wedding story through their eyes but through my lens. Nick is a well-known tattoo artist, and Agnes is a robotic engineer. They met in Toronto through mutual friends, and not long after they had exchanged phone numbers, Nick contacted Agnes asking her if he’d help him move out of his apartment which he abruptly needed to do. She said shes with no questions asked and filled her van with all of his stuff. They are incredible go-getters and have been approaching life in the same just-do-it style ever since. Winging it and loving it. They moved to Vancouver Island together and are kept busy with their art and work. They paint, draw, craft structures, sculpt and even reassemble bones of roadkill. They are fierce animal lovers and have a cat and turtle at home. For their wedding decor, they made a wedding arbor out of driftwood and antlers that they had collected. Agnes wore a small antler in her hairpiece and sewed/designed her black wedding dress.

Vendor Love

Wedding Officiant: Modern Milestones: Dustin Weibelzahl, Celebrant

Wedding Venue: Elizabeth Manor Vacation Rental, Qualicum Beach

Ring Bearer Hawk: The Raptors

Wedding Decor, Wedding Cake: DIY by Agnes & Nick!