Ashley & Frank’s Neckin’ at Neck Point Engagement Session

Neck Point Engagement Photos ~ Parksville Wedding Photographer

Ashley and Frank’s Lifelong Tinder Date

Ashley and Frank did not expect their Tinder date to turn into a life-altering relationship, but it did! They met in Victoria and enjoyed their first date at Esquimalt Lagoon. One date quickly turned into several, and their lives intertwined. Frank works with the military and must relocate every few years, and Ashley works in the fitness industry as a certified coach. Settled into Victoria and the Island life, Ashley is willing to move wherever her man must go. ♥ They knew he would be relocating soon, but without any certain date. They wanted to become married on Vancouver Island by the ocean, where they fell in love. They decided to quickly plan a wedding and hope that he would not be relocated in that time. Their April 10th wedding date was nearing, and Frank became stationed in Ontario for a couple months of training. Luckily, he would be back just in time for their wedding before returning back for further training. Congratulations on making things happen, you two!

Since Frank was being relocated all of a sudden, we only had one evening that would work with all of our schedules for their engagement session. We met in Nanaimo at Neck Point Park- they wanted an ocean view for their photos as it means a lot to them and their story. It was a cold January evening, especially in the wind- but these three were adorable and couldn’t help but smile and enjoy yet another wonderful date together at the beach.