Bringing Your Dog to Your Photoshoot

Rathtrevor Beach ~ Parksville Family Photographer

Bringing Your Fur-Babies to Your Family or Engagement Photoshoot

We LOVE our pets so much! Bringing your dog to your family or engagement photoshoot is something you might consider. I always ask my clients if they have any pets and if they want to include them in their session. I have found that it is totally possible to do so!

Every dog parent will know their fur-baby best. Are they high-maintenance and need to be kept on a leash at all times? Are they relaxed, meandering pups who love to sniff around and explore new places? I haven’t met a dog yet who took away from the experience of the photoshoot. I can only imagine if a dog must be kept on a leash and there is nowhere to tie up temporarily during dog-free moments, that it might be a problem. Otherwise, during the session, we shoot with and without the dog as he/she wanders around. There might be moments of distraction, but I give ample time to ensure I get a full set of images of you and your people. Families with young children usually opt out of having their dog in the photos so they can focus on encouraging their kids to enjoy the moment.

Including Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

Including your dog in your wedding is a little different! Some weddings are very dog-friendly, like Leah and Carla’s Little Qualicum Falls wedding. This park is dog friendly, and guests were invited to bring their dogs on a special dog walk where the bride and bride also got married! Leah and Carla brought their two small dogs and had a friend take their leashes. They rented an Airbnb for their reception which also allowed dogs. Tigh Na Mara is another dog-friendly Parksville wedding venue. Dogs are welcome on the grounds and can stay in the cabins. Ashley and Frank had a doggie care-taker throughout their Tigh Na Mara wedding who checked up on Betsy frequently. Betsy was a chill dog who could also handle sitting beside the bride and groom as they exchanged vows!

If you want to include your dog at your wedding, ensure the venue allows dogs, and appoint a doggy-caretaker! I’ve seen dogs who’ve been appointed ringbearer, by having the rings tied to their collars. It’s also not uncommon for the bride to walk down the aisle with her dog, who is truly an integral part of her wellbeing. You do you. ♥

Ashley and Frank are so happy to have Betsy in their arms on their wedding day at Tigh Na Mara.

Tips for Successful Photoshoots With Dogs

I have photographed dozens of families with their dogs over the years, and have learned a few tricks myself ;) Bringing treats is essential, so that I can reward the dog and attract its gaze straight towards my camera. In case I forget to bring my own treats, please bring some of your preferred treats to give to me. I have also found that by holding a ball or toy above my camera, I can get your furry friend to look into my lens. Bring their favorite toy for play and for my little trick. If you would like some dog-free time during your photoshoot, bringing a friend or family member to walk your dog after we’ve taken with-dog shots is helpful.

And now, enjoy all these adorable family and couples photos who brought their pups!