Caitlyn and Ken’s Milner Garden Wedding

A Beautiful Milner Garden Wedding in July

Caitlyn and Ken chose to have their Milner Garden wedding in June for their marriage celebration. This venue is incredibly beautiful year-round, but especially in Spring and early Summer. With 70 acres of forest, ocean views, and an impressive variety of flowers, the nature and flora here are breathtaking. In April, May, June and sometimes July you will find flowers in bloom. The Milner House has two separate spacious rooms for the ladies and gents to get ready in. The Tea House is within this building, decorated with cute tea cups, whimsical paintings, and serves biscuits and hot drinks. Adjoining the girls powder room is a small library full of old gardening books. Caitlyn loved this setting, as she is a big book lover and teacher. We couldn’t help but take a few bridal portraits amongst all the books.

Caitlyn and Ken had a first look together right outside of the Milner House, set amongst the old trees and ivy-walled 1931 building. Caitlyn’s bridesmaids couldn’t help but peek through the library window at the cute couple. We photographed their bridal party and couples photos prior to the ceremony. This made the photo-taking part of the day become two chunks rather than one. It becomes a little more digestible this way, giving a refresh between the smiles. Formal photos at Milner Gardens are a photographers dream. Large healthy rhododendrons in full bloom make for an actual REAL wall of florals! The ivy-walled tea house is also stunning. The old swimming pool that has been turned into a lily-pond is another beautiful setting to take photos in. All of these settings are within a couple minutes walking distance to the Milner House.

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Wedding Officiant: Ceri Pearcey of Oceanside Celebrant Services