Caitlyn & Ken’s Little Mountain Sunset Engagement Photos

Little Mountain Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos at Sunset on Little Mountain Summit, Parksville Magic

Caitlyn and Ken were hoping for a beautiful sunset night for their engagement photos, and we absolutely lucked out with just that! On the summit of Little Mountain in Parksville, Caityln, Ken and their dog Diesel got cute and cuddly for some engagement photos. At the beginning of their session, they both told me that “they don’t photograph well” and that they aren’t photogenic. I hear this often and am always pleased to help convince them that that is only a myth and due to a few factors missing. I believe that everybody is photogenic, and it just takes a does of the photogenic sauce made up of three simple ingredients to get you there:

  1. Comfortability
  2. Lighting and composition
  3. Flattering angles

With those three things in place, everybody will look great in any photograph. I promise! It does have a lot to do with the photographer ensuring they create a comfort with you, finding the best light, and posing your body type to its most flattering angle. Some people are strongly “photogenic” because they are immediately comfortable in front of the camera and are natural with their hand placement. Whenever somebody asks me, “what should I do with my hands?” I know they are not 100% comfortable in front of the lens. Most people are not completely unselfconscious in front of a camera, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. I love including the engagement session in my full coverage wedding packages to create a strong comfort with my clients, so when I show up at their wedding they are already natural around my lens.

Congratulations Caitlyn and Ken! I’m happy to have convinced you that you do take great photographs together… so much so that I think there’s a cover of a romance novel in here!