Cassandra & Luke’s Sombrio Beach Elopement

A Sombrio Beach Elopement in Wild West Coast Style

Congratulations to Cassandra and Luke who eloped on the beautiful West Coast of Vancouver Island. A Sombrio Beach elopement was just perfect for these two. ♡ Luke set this whole thing up as a surprise to his fiancé. Cassandra knew they would be eloping, but had no idea where. Travelling on a road trip from Alberta, Luke trusted my partner and I’s guidance to bring them somewhere that would match their sense of adventure, showcase the West Coast, and wrap them up in a magical experience. He hoped for a waterfall and beach… we knew exactly where to take them; Sombrio Beach, Port Renfrew. ♡

Sombio Beach in Port Renfrew is a truly magical experience. Ever since my first time visiting, it has felt like home to me. There is a calm here that exists within the wild. When the waves reach above the steep rock banks and head back out to sea, they pull the pebbles back with them, creating a mesmerizing rumble. In the morning on a sunny day, you’ll wake up to sun rays catching in the fog between the Sitka Spruce trees, beaming out in brilliance. Freshwater can be found at the Sombrio River, as well as in the Hidden Waterfall. This is one of Sombrio’s many features; a waterfall that has carved through the rock over centuries, creating a moss-laden tunnel for you to walk through. It’s truly indescribable, and can only be experienced in person! There was once an off-grid community living at Sombrio Beach from the 1960’s until 1997 when the Juan de Fuca Marine Park was established. I can totally see the appeal to live here!

Walking the beautiful beach together with their pup Moose, Cassandra and Luke changed into their wedding attire in the forest. As she was changing, a slug fell into the cup of her hanging dress and they both delighted at the unexpected guest! They helped each other walk up to the base of the waterfall and then stood barefoot in the water. The sound of water falling enveloped the couple as they exchanged truly private vows, just loud enough for them and the falls to hear. Later on, two secret friends would join their official ceremony as witnesses, surprising Cassandra yet again. With the waves of the Pacific Ocean lapping against the shore at their bare feet, these two married with their fur-baby and two close friends.

Aerial Videography of Cassandra and Luke’s Elopement

Luke and Cassandra opted to add-on aerial drone footage of their elopement experience. My partner and I camped at the beach the night before, a true delight to combine both work and camping! Dreams come true! It was great to capture the scenery with aerial drone videography, so that Cassandra and Luke could always remember this special beach.

“All I can say is WOW! Deanna was such a professional to work with, but still had such a human element. My fiance and I contacted her to do an elopement on Vancouver Island. We had an area in mind, but were open to hearing suggestions. Deanna gave us a few recommendations, and we went with Sombrio Beach. Throughout the months leading up, Deanna was very responsive to all questions we had. The day of, she met us at the location and had awesome energy. It was such a comfortable, special experience. The photos turned out amazing. Everything about the interactions and relationship with Deanna was top notch. I would highly recommend her as a photographer. Thank you for making our day so special <3” – Lukas & Cassandra