Cassandra & Rob’s Cameron Lake Wedding

A Springtime Cameron Lake Wedding

Cassandra and Rob chose to marry at a very meaningful location, the spot they had their first date! A Cameron Lake wedding was held at the Beaufort Picnic Site for the sweet couple. It was the anniversary date of their first date too! I am honored to have been a friend of Cassandra’s since the day these two met. We were both working in the deli department at Naked Naturals in Qualicum Beach, serving people healthy and convenient organic food and coffees. Rob became a regular customer, and when he met Cassandra, he came in all the time! He would always order a green bar, a nutrient-dense health bar full of nuts, seeds, spirulina and chlorophyll. Mmmmm they are so good! And filling! He admitted later on that he actually couldn’t keep up with eating them, so they started to stockpile in his fridge. Oh, but getting to know Cass over the counter was worth it! Soon they went on a date, and the rest is history. They became inseparable and merged their lives together seamlessly.

With their children, parents, and a few close friends, these two tied the knot on a beautiful warm day in May at Cameron Lake. Jane Good of Circle Ceremonies was present to officiate their ceremony and handfasting tradition. It was my first time meeting Jane, the loveliest human who is so very peaceful and grounding. Her ceremony suited the couple well! Together, Cass and Rob have four children. A busy life indeed! The moment they were told they could officially kiss, their kids did the silliest things! Their youngest son started to saunter off casually with his hands in his pockets, while their eldest daughter walked straight across into my photo carrying a bouquet of flowers looking like she was on a mission! This has NEVER happened to me before! In my career of dozens of weddings, I have never had a photobomber during that critical kiss capture. They absolutely loved it and felt it suited their family perfectly. ♥

Cameron Lake Wedding Vendors:

Officiant: Jane Good of Circle Ceremonies

Cameron Lake Beaufort Picnic Site: