Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage ~ Victoria Family Photos and Event Coverage

50th Anniversary Party Vancouver Island

Mom and Dad are Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage, Let’s Celebrate!

Brandie reached out to me inquiring about a blend of event coverage and family photographs for her Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary. All of the kids and their kids would be celebrating this milestone at their Victoria home. On a beautifully sunny and warm July day, the family got together from as far away as Ontario to be with the successful couple. They had plenty of games to keep the kids busy, like pool noodle fights, badminton, balloons, hula-hoops, and a craft center inside. While the adults enjoyed sipping cold beverages and enjoying the company of their loved ones. The barbeque was smoking, and food was being prepared inside by many busy hands. This family worked together to create a beautiful memory together. It was an honor to be there to capture the different family groupings, and take a few candid photos as well. One of the highlights of the day was when the bride took out her wedding dress from it’s packaging- she hadn’t seen it in 50 years! It had yellowed slightly, but the kids were excited and she was reminiscent and proud of what her and her husband had created together in life.