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Qualicum Beach Wedding Eaglecrest Golf Course

Ben and Jenny’s Qualicum Beach wedding this past April included a very symbolic and commemorative gesture during their ceremony. They both released a white dove after they spoke their vows and gave their official kiss, to recognize and provide a moment of love and space for two of their loved ones no longer with them. His sister and her mother were in the minds of all present that day, and this gesture was truly a beautiful way to say, “I love you, we’re thinking about you. We wish you were here. May you be resting in peace.”

White doves are seen as a symbol of love, peace, calmness, fidelity, hope, faithfulness, honesty and dedication. They have been revered for centuries and across many different cultures as one or more of these things. Doves mate for life, and both parents put an equal amount of work into raising their young. This promotes fidelity, love and faithfulness, and is something us humans deeply admire.

SilverWings Ceremonial Dove Release is based out of Qualicum Beach, BC, and has various dove release packages from two doves to twenty-four doves! They have an aviary and raise and train their own doves at the property. They start by having them fly short distances home, and gradually expand that distance further and further. They have established a genuine home for these doves, and they wish to come back to this place. They are well treated and I’d say, have a pretty amazing life! As Ben and Jenny released the two doves into the sky, they flew high above us until we could only see two little white spots soaring together. They begin by flying in a huge circle to get a sense of where they are, then they go home. SilverWings doves fly home from anywhere between Courtenay and Nanaimo.

I was chatting with a coworker the other day, and she expressed how upsetting it was to see one of her family members releasing a balloon in gesture of her deceased mother. The gesture is beautiful, to remember and hold a space for that person, but that balloon will pop eventually and fall into either the ocean or the forest and become litter. Perhaps some ocean creature will even eat the balloon pieces! It’s just not logical for this day and age. I excitedly told her about this dove release! They are a renewable, reusable commemorative gesture! Woot woot!! Environmentally friendly, and absolutely so special.

Check out Sheena’s website here: SilverWings Ceremonial Dove Release 

Qualicum Beach Wedding Eaglecrest Golf Course

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