Chloe’s Empowerment Beach Boudoir~ Botanical Beach Babe

Botanical Beach Boudoir ~ Vancouver Island Outdoor Boudoir

Botanical Beach Babe Photoshoot, a Windy March Day in the Nude- The Wild Things You Do With Your Best Friend!

Chloe and I have known each other since grade 1. She is one of my very best friends and is always up for any adventure, any time of year, any kind of weather. We hooked up with our friend Laura of Coastline Living Photography to have a fun photoshoot day at Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew. It was pretty freaking cold on March 18th, with a wind chill and rain! But that didn’t stop us. Chloe lost her “hat virginity” by wearing a hat for the very first time- can you believe it?! Thank you Laura for providing the wardrobe, and for taking a couple of behind the scenes photos of me photographing Chloe. Chloe is a major beach lover. She even married a man whose last name is Beach! (Ironic only, I promise!) She feels quite at home by the swells of the sea, and Botanical Beach in Port Renfew on a windy day makes for true West Coast vibes.