Cindy and Andrew’s Volkswagen Lovin’ Seaside Wedding in Sooke

Cindy and Andrew’s Prestige Oceanside Resort Wedding 

Cindy and Andrew- a pair of adventurous sunrise lovers who live in the moment and don’t take life too seriously. Their Sooke wedding was thoughtfully infused with their vivacity for life- colorful, joyful, playful, and very deeply in love. You’ll notice a recurring passion in these images; Volkswagens. They had five classic VW’s in attendance that day. Westfalias were set up at the front pillars of the beautiful Prestige Oceanfront Resort, and they used their cherry red Beetle to bomb around in. Their request for a large group photo shaped in the VW logo is by far the coolest group photo request of my career! The cake, the gift key tags, and the hilarious surprise method of removing Cindy’s garter kept the Volkswagen love going throughout the event. 

A Playful Day in Sooke

Cindy and Andrew are a very playful pair, enjoying the little things in life every day and can be found laughing together all the time. Play and fun would no doubt be present on their wedding day. With thoughtful planning, this was definitely the case! From the music played during their ceremony, through to the garter removal at the reception, you felt lighthearted and playful all day. A caricature artist was hired for the reception to sketch live drawings of couples, which was a big hit. The grand entrance was nothing serious- just Cindy and Andrew walking through a light saber tunnel made by their wedding party! Amazing! When we went off site for photos of these two with their bridal party, they couldn’t help but start skipping rocks in the river, and happened upon a “P” shaped rock which is the first letter of their last name!

Enjoying nature is a large part of Cindy and Andrew’s lives as well. Choosing the Prestige Oceanside Resort in Sooke was the perfect seaside setting for their wedding. Eagles could be found in the trees, and seals disguised as logs in the water. June 3rd, 2023 would also be a full moon, and one of the longest days of the year. On their beautiful sunny wedding, finishing the night off with the sight of the full moon was absolutely perfect. ♥

How We Shot an Aerial Volkswagen Symbol Group Photo

When Cindy and Andrew requested a large group photo with all of their wedding guests in the shape of a Volkswagen symbol, I was both nervous and excited. I did a quick Google search to look at the VW symbol, and saw it might actually be doable. It’s a perfect circle with specific VW within the boundary. I looked up the dimensions, the angles, and wondered how the heck I would draw this out perfectly. And, where?! This request seemed destined to happen though, as, AMAZINGLY, there is a roundabout just meters away from the ceremony site. A perfect large circle already drawn out for me! Just mind-blowing! Eventually I decided that determining angles was just too much, and instead had my partner, VIPaerials, use his drone to get an aerial perspective of the roundabout while I placed neon orange rope in place. We adjusted until it felt good, and then chalked in place. After the ceremony, we had everyone line up on the circle and on the lines, and then took a drone photo/video.

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Venue: Prestige Oceanfront Resort

Wedding Planner: Intended Events

Wedding Aerial Photographer: VIPaerials

Wedding Photographer: Devee Photography

Wedding Officiant: Andria Lee Winters

Wedding Decor/Rentals: Designer Weddings Victoria

Makeup Artist: Trish Monkhouse

Caterer: Prestige Oceanfront Resort

Caricature Artist: John Beveridge

Check Out Their Wedding Drone Video Here!