Cindy and Tyler’s Beach Club Resort Wedding ~ Parksville Wedding Photography

Beach Club Resort Wedding

Cindy and Tyler’s Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville

Cindy and Tyler enjoyed an intimate wedding celebration at Parksville’s Beach Club Resort along the waterfront in August. It was a beautiful sunny day, and warm. Sitting in the sun during the early morning ceremony, their parents were beaming with happiness as the couple exchanged vows. We took some family photos at the beach and in the shade of the building before having snacks and refreshments in the private patio lounge they rented. After an hour of cooling down and chatting with their family, Cindy, Tyler and I drove 6 minutes to the Parksville Estuary for a quiet and serene forest walk to finish up with a few more intimate photos. This fern forest is a location I suggest to my wedding clients whose wedding venue is in Parksville. It is very private, quiet, and extremely pretty! The walk to this particular spot is less than 3 minutes, and the drive is manageable on a busy wedding day timeline. Congratulations you two!

Wedding Venue: The Beach Club Resort

Wedding Officiant: Laurel Russell