Daddy and Daughter Beach Date- Parksville Family Photography

Parksville Family Wedding Photography Rathrevor Beach

Date Night! Dad and Daughter Time.

William and his sweet daughter Aubrey were on a dad and daughter date that night. He took her out for a Tigh-Na-Mara dinner and wanted to spend some time at Rathtrevor Beach with her. Just the two of them, one on one, time spent together. He had bought her a cute little dress and pair of shoes and he knew that she was not going to fit them for very long. He had never had professional photography done of him and his family, but was inspired to reach out that night to see if anyone was available. He called a few photographers and received some laughs- just a few hours notice on a summer night? Yeah right! He called me and I actually happened to be available. In the middle of wedding and camping season, I think this was my ONLY free Saturday! Sometimes the stars do align, as this spontaneous session would turn out to be one of my favorite shoots ever.

Get Dirty, Jump in the Water!

Dressed in semi-formal attire- dress pants, good shirt, nice shoes, pretty dress- these two looked great. I always recommend to clients to wear something you feel great in, but the nicer the clothes, the nicer you’re going to look in the photos. The downside to wearing such fine clothes is that oftentimes people are afraid to damage them or get them dirty. When people concern over dirt on their clothes during photoshoots, it secretly drives me crazy! The camera honestly won’t see the dirt, and besides that, the focus of having photos taken is to capture your family character. I am always so thrilled when my clients get up close and personal with nature- it takes the images to another level- a real, candid and raw level.

When Aubrey fell on her bum in the water, her Dad joined in. Wow!! The two of them sitting together in dress pants and very fine shoes, with water surrounding them and a magnificent sky- the setting was perfect.

“Oh my goodness though! I literally don’t know how I’ll make it through these. You literally had me crying after the first 4.”