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70 Year Anniversary Photos, Elmer and Joyce’s Evergreen Love

Elmer and Joyce met at the town dance in a small Alberta town when Joyce was 19 and Elmer 17. They saw each other at the dance and came together to meet and twirl around. That night, Joyce was kissing Elmer in his car, and they kept together ever since! Three years after meeting, they became married, and are now in 2021, celebrating their 70th year as a married couple. To say their love is Evergreen seems fitting. During their anniversary photos, Elmer was saying sweet things to Joyce, and couldn’t help but sneak a kiss here and there. She would look at him with adoring eyes and give little, “I love you’s” right back. I am so pleased they invited me into their Parksville home to photograph their connection. During the photos, they told me stories of their lives together and reminisced through their photo albums. We ate lemon meringue pie to finish the session off.

Just a couple of months after their 70 year anniversary photoshoot, these two decided moving into a full-time care home would be best for them. At 90 and 92, with their mobility becoming more difficult, they decided on an easier lifestyle. I am thankful to have photographed them in one of their last homes together ♥ Evergreen love does exist!