Engaged! ~Anna & Jordan~ Hatley Castle Engagement Photos

Hately Castle Engagement Photos- Vancouver Island Playful Wedding Photographer

Anna & Jordan- Hatley Castle Engagement Photos

Hately Castle as the setting for your engagement photos? Yes please! This castle was finished in 1908 and was at one time landscaped and gardened by 80-120 employed gardeners. That is a lot of people to maintain a property, but it truly does show. We walked around the front of the building and in the rear courtyard where there was a plethora of shooting opportunity. With 100 year old exotic trees, sandstone block walls with a hint of moss and a few peacocks running around, it is an incredible place to take your engagement photos. We didn’t have access to the garden area due to an event, but we had A LOT to work with regardless. It’s free to walk around the exterior of this National Historic Site without an appointment, however there is paid parking.

Hately Castle Engagement Photos- Vancouver Island Playful Wedding Photographer

Their Love Story

Anna and Jordan knew each other in high school and got together a few years later. I asked Jordan if he had a crush on Anna back in school and he admitted yes. When they reconnected, they completely hit it off and are now tackling life together. Ambitious to buy a house in this difficult market, pursuing careers as an electrician and legal assistant, they are a hardworking couple. With Anna’s love of baking and Jordan’s passion in cabinetry, they always have some project on the go and many more in the queue. Oh, and they both LOVE Hawaii and any beach setting which is why they are getting married on the beach in picturesque Parksville at the Beach Club.

Hately Castle Engagement Photos- Vancouver Island Playful Wedding Photographer

Romantic, Playful Portraits

The newly engaged couple admitted to me that they were nervous for looking and feeling awkward in their engagement photos. I hear this a lot, and it’s why I always include an engagement session with my wedding photography packages. The time spent together during the session eliminates any camera shy, I convince you that you are photogenic and couples ALWAYS walk away saying that they had FUN! My trick is pretty simple; I get you to play and interact, engage in my games and follow through all of my prompts. It’s very rare that I ask you to stand still, look at me and smile. There are so many games to play, and the games allow me to get to know you even better. For example, I ask; “Sentence by sentence, tell me the story of your proposal.” Or, “What animal would he/she be and why?”

Including props in your engagement session is another great way to tell another part of your story. To Anna and Jordan’s photoshoot, Anna baked some delicious white chocolate macadamia nut chewy cookies (she gave me like 12 to take home myself and were seriously the best cookies I’ve ever freaking had), and they each chose a couple of hobby books like carpentry and baking. We did the last part of their session at the nearby Esquimalt Lagoon where we had a little picnic before the sunset.

Hately Castle Engagement Photos- Vancouver Island Playful Wedding Photographer

Their 2020 Beach Club Wedding Vision

I can’t wait to photograph Anna and Jordan’s Beach Club wedding in Parskville BC this upcoming August 2020. 2020 can you believe it?! It’s their 2020 vision that will come to fruition and I am so excited for them. When we met at Serious Coffee back in the Spring, we learned that we are the same age and all grew up on Vancouver Island. We’ve definitely connected and have become serious email pen pals since our meeting. They were even sweet enough to invite me to their New Years Eve party! With that kind of comfort with each other, I just know I’m going to capture some seriously awesome and candid photos at their beach wedding.