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Parksville Nanaimo Qualicum Beach Candid Family Photographer

Playful Portraits & Genuine Family Character

Sharon and her family hired me to capture their family character in a playful way that brings out a genuine portrait of the people they are today. Through prompts and games, I create moments that reveal the uniqueness of their family relationship, and images that they truly connect with. “For us, these pictures will go on to serve as some of our best records and recollections of who we were as a family when we and the generations to come look back, I’m so very grateful that we found you.” Some of the things I would ask them, “Who was the more troublesome sibling?” “Look at each other, and without saying anything, communicate something using just facial expressions!” “What character trait reminds you most about yourself in your daughter?” These were just a few of the questions and games we played.

Be Careful What You Ask For, It May Come True

Elliots favorite activities and hobbies do not actually include having his family photos taken, but he puts on a good smile and attitude every year for the families annual portrait. He recently made a joke to his mom that he would be totally into having their Christmas photos taken by Nanaimo’s Nuclear Weapons Free Zone sign. He always laughed at that sign, wondering why his home town would proclaim such a thing. His Mom took his request seriously and researched the history of those signs. In 1987, officials passed a bylaw that banned the transportation, manufacturing, and storage of nuclear weapons within city limits. You can read more about why Nanaimo declares it is a nuclear weapons free zone here. And you can check out their family photo which they may or may not use for their Christmas card below!

Parksville Nanaimo Qualicum Beach Candid Family Photographer

Please Include Your Pets!

I always love it when families decide to include their pets into their photoshoots. Whether it be a horse, dog, cat or chinchilla, our little fur-friends are definitely family. Ella came along for the walk and was very cooperative with me. Sharon was equipped with treats and made sure my pockets weren’t empty before starting the shoot. One thing I’ve come to know about dogs is that when you say, “Okay everybody, look at the camera and smile!” the dogs just don’t know what you’re talking about. So to get their attention, here’s my trick; make a sudden unexpected noise that is not normal. I promise, the dog will look right at you!

Parksville Nanaimo Qualicum Beach Candid Family Photographer