Golden Hour Engagement Photos

Courtney and Joaquin’s Golden Hour Engagement Photos

Golden hour goodness! Courtney and Joaquin’s golden hour engagement photos were taken at Oak Leaf Park in Nanoose Bay on a beautiful September day. We aimed for the golden glow that happens during the last hour before sunset, and we definitely nailed that! These photos were not manipulated or edited in a way to add a fake golden glow, these are oh natural baby! The trick to the high contrast golden hour photos is to find a place where much of the light is blocked by rocks or trees, and pours onto the subject in a spotlight. We found this naturally occurred with the rocky bluffs and the sun shining behind. The low angled light and spotlight focus allowed us to take these golden hour engagement photos without any photoshop. My favorite kind!

Congratulations you two!

Es-hw Sme~nts (Oak Leaf) Community Park

Es-hw Sme~nts Community Park is a 3 acre park situated along the ocean on a rocky point. This 2015-established park feels like a surreal piece of paradise, and it is! This locations is a popular dive spot, so you’ll often see divers bobbing in the water and mistake them for seals! Real seals are a common sight here too, and sunset and sunrise are both beautiful to view here. You will run into friendly neighbors here who are enjoying the serenity of nature, either walking their dog, going for a swim (year-round!), or launching their paddleboards into the ocean. Oak Leaf Park has become my favorite photoshoot locations

Es-hw Sme~nts (Oak Leaf) Community Park from a Photographers Perspective

  • Family-friendly, wheelchair accessible
  • Ocean views, Oak and Maple Tree forest, pebbly beaches, rocky bluffs, tall golden summer grass
  • Excellent Autumn location for colorful maple leaves
  • Amazing sunset and sunrise
  • Nature and wildlife viewing
  • Dog-friendly