How Many Photos Will I Receive With My Wedding? | Parksville & Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

How many photos will I receive with my wedding?

I am often asked the question, “How many photos will I receive with my wedding?” My answer is based on my personal average, which is further broken down below. I have found that many other wedding photographers give a similar number.

Hands down, my most popular wedding photography package is my ten hour, Dancing in the Moonlight package. Ten hours is a good amount of coverage for a full wedding day, starting with the girls and guys getting ready, through the ceremony, formals, the reception, the speeches, and typically finishes when Uncle Bill starts to get wild with his dance moves. My average number of images for this, is 750~. I have three, six, ten and twelve hour packages. On average, my return is about 75 images per hour.

This number will bounce around a little depending on these variables:

  • How large your guest list is. The more people you have, the more people we try to capture!
  • How large your formal photograph list is. If you want all of your extended families included too, not just your immediate family and bridal party, this will increase the number of images.
  • If you hire a second shooter or not.
  • How much time you allow for intimate formal photographs of just you and your newlywed hun. The more time you have, the more pictures that will be taken! If you have two locations very near to each other, this too will create more images.
  • How dancey your crowd is. I try my best to capture all couples on the dance floor, and also a variation of music; the slow dance, bust-a-move classics, and of course the YMCA.

You will receive a handful of doubles in your final collection of images. I tend to convert many photographs into black and white, but also adore the color version just as much. I give you both options, allowing you to choose your fave.