How to Take Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Tessa & Ben’s Lifestyle Newborn Photos

Tessa and Ben welcomed a new baby sister into their family in early spring, and absolutely wanted to photograph the special occasion. This new baby sister would be their second daughter, three years apart. I was invited last minute to photograph their baby and family, as their original photographer had gotten sick. Babies grow so fast! And Tessa knew she wanted to capture the wee little baby in the early days as being a family of four. She wanted a lifestyle newborn photoshoot, incorporating day-to-day activities as well as posed family photos in a setting that carries so much meaning; their home.

In-Home Lifestyle Photoshoot Setting

Tessa and Ben’s home setting was a perfect location for their lifestyle photos. An in-home session captures the environment where your family spends the most time together. It will also capture the details such as decorations, paint, books and art. These photos document a moment in time. Even for the home itself! Decorations will change, books will be outgrown, and maybe you’ll even repaint the house. Photos taken in the babies nursery show the early days where baby grew up. Tessa and Ben’s home had great natural light; the windows allowed a lot of sunlight into the home, and we shot mid-day for maximum light. We also chose this mid-day time to work with babe’s napping schedule. Aiming to shoot just after a nap and feeding is best for a happy baby. She did so well!

Including Natural Patterns Into Your Lifestyle Photoshoot

Including natural day-to-day activities into your lifestyle photoshoot is key for candid captures. Some of the activities we included in their photoshoot were story time, snuggles, tickles and breastfeeding. These activities felt very natural to everybody, which allows an even greater comfort and authenticity in your images. Some other activities which could be included are baking, playing with toys, drawing, painting, singing songs, cooking, eating something really fun like spaghetti, brushing your child’s hair, decorating a Christmas tree, or making crafts. The possibilities are endless really! Think about what you love to do with your kids and family at home… any of these things can be photographed. It’s your lifestyle!