Indaba Trading Company~ Celebrating 30 Years in Business

Indaba Trading Company | Parksville Nanoose Family Photography

Indaba Trading Company, Celebrating 30 Years in Business with a Mother Daughter Photoshoot

Irene and her daughter Aly are celebrating 30 years in business with their company Indaba Trading Co. With a mother daughter photoshoot, we wanted to portray their vivacity for living and working on the West Coast. They feel incredibly fortunate to have a thriving business that supports their lifestyle of living beside the ocean. To them, work feels like play and they absolutely love it. For their personalized photoshoot, we included their dogs, a little bit of mood board styling, and a few of their new sale items. We shot at Irene’s beautiful Nanoose Bay home overlooking the ocean, and took a three minute walk down the street to the nearby beach access. Oh my goodness is that little beach gorgeous. Nanoose Bay really is “Nurtured by Nature.”

About Indaba Trading Company

Indaba Trading Company is a Parksville based company that distributes household wares and home decor across North America. Ethically sourced products that are homemade help support the communities and countries that they are produced in and this is a driving force for Indaba. Irene grew up in South Africa, immigrated to Canada in the 80’s and established her business ten years later. At around the same time as starting up a business, she had a daughter. Idaba is a South African word meaning “a gathering of people.” Congratulations you two, and thank you for your employment of upward of thirty people in the Parksville community.

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