Jen’s Outdoor Bathtub Boudoir Photoshoot ~ Thirty and Flirty Photos!

Parksville Boudoir Photography ~ Outdoor Bathtub Boudoir

My Beautiful Friend Turned 30! Let’s Celebrate with Bathtub Boudoir Photos!

My beautiful friend Jen turned 30 and I wanted to gift her with a bathtub boudoir photoshoot to celebrate the milestone. There are six of us who have been friends forever, some of us since Elementary School, who would all turn the big 3-0 in 2021. It’s a big looming number that women are especially pressured by. Pressured by cultural history and the aging of our bodies to have children, to be successful with marriage and home ownership. This is what our parents had when they were thirty, but it is now a lot less common in the current decade. Out of our six friends, two of them are married and three of them have children. I asked Jen how she felt about becoming thirty and she said she is happy with the woman she has become and who she is becoming. She feels more confident than ever before, and is looking forward to this empowered decade. I LOVE YOU JEN!

I picked up this clawfoot tub to install into my converted school bus, but I couldn’t help but offer up photoshoots before placing it into my home. It fit perfectly into my tiny hatchback Hyundai Accent, and I drove down to Jen’s place in Shawnigan Lake. We set the tub up on her outdoor deck, hung some string lights and wandered around her house selecting decor that would look nice in the photos. I bought a $10 bouquet of flowers from Lakeside Garden Nursery in Parksville, and a $3 jug of milk to “milk bath” with at the end. Filling the tub is the most time consuming part, but we drank a few ciders as we walked back and forth to her tub with jugs of hot water until the tub was filled. Jen put on her favorite music and we lit the candles. The set up was so beautiful in her backyard against the forest and string lights. We shot this mid-day, but were in the shade of the trees on a warm July day.

Happy 30th Birthday my beautiful friend! I can’t wait for all of the memories the next decades will bring!