Jodi and Arthur’s Tigh Na Mara Elopement

Tigh Na Mara Elopement

Jodi and Arthur’s Romantic Tigh Na Mara Elopement

Jodi and Arthur chose to elope at Parksville’s beautiful Tigh Na Mara Resort. It was just the two of them on this unseasonably warm October day. The wedding coordinators were present to be witnesses as the lovely Laurel Russell performed the sweet wedding ceremony. After signing the marriage papers and taking a group photo, we went to the beach for celebratory champagne and couples photos. Jodi informed me that Arthur was prone to dropping things or tripping, so we carefully made our way down to the beach and didn’t get too wild with standing on logs or anything…

Jodi and Arthur are both nurses and joke that it’s a good career choice due to Arthur’s tendency to fall. Not too long into photos, Arthur showed me his true colors. He accidentally dropped his black wedding band into the sand! Into a pile of charcoals!! The ring was nearly the exact same color as the charcoal and could have easily fallen beneath a layer of the fine beach sand. Looking only at surface level with no success, we all took a deep breath and got to work sifting through the pile with our fingers. Fortunately, we found the ring within a minute or two. But dang did those minutes feel long!

Congratulations on your intimate Tigh Na Mara elopement, Jodi and Arthur. Wishing you the best!

Wedding Venue: Tigh Na Mara

Wedding Officiant: Laurel Russell