Kayla and Troy’s Tigh Na Mara Wedding

Tigh Na Mara Wedding

A Personalized Tigh Na Mara Wedding

Kayla and Troy’s Tigh Na Mara wedding was personalized to show their uniqueness as a couple. Thoughtfully planned out, little details kept guests in delight throughout the day. Firstly, Kayla and Troy are huge animal lovers. They have two cats at home and are planning on adopting a dog in their future as well. Their wedding favors were little bags of treats with a toy for guests to take home to their pets! Hahaha soooo adorable! The girls wore plaid flannels while getting ready, a really cute touch. Kayla gifted the guys unique socks to wear, and wrote individual love letters to each of their guests waiting for them at their table.

These two love a good laugh. They decided to exchange personal vows via a written letter, which they read in private during their getting ready. At the ceremony itself, these two sprung a little joke on their guests. They wrote each other’s vows!! Kayla designed her vows in a cellphone dating app message format. It looked amazing! Troy at first took out a crumpled piece of paper from his jacket and then quickly laughed and pulled out the legit folded paper afterwards. They did not know what the other would be writing for each other, but there were some major similarities! Everybody was in laughter during the ceremony, and it was truly unforgettable and unique!

Wedding Venue: Tigh Na Mara

Aerial Videographer: VIPaerials

Marriage Commissioner: Laurel Russell

Hair and Makeup: Bride and Beauty

Aerial Wedding Video

Yannick of VIPaerials, AKA my amazing video partner, was hired to film the setting and scenery with his drones. We voice recorded the real vows by asking them to read them aloud privately, and then dubbed over with a final video compilation.