Kitties in Cherry Blossom Trees ~ Parksville, BC, Cherry Blossoms ~ Photographing Cats During a Pandemic

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Photographing My Cats in a Cherry Blossom Tree, Parksville, BC ~ When I Can’t Photograph People During a Pandemic, I Can Still Photograph my Cats

It’s April, 2020. The cherry blossom trees are in full bloom here in Parksville, and I can’t photograph people in their beautiful bloom due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Fortunately, I have one incredible cherry blossom tree on the property I live on, and I have two lovely cats! Cats in a tree? Oh yes please! Surprisingly, I had never actually photographed my cats in the cherry blossom tree before. I take pictures of them throughout the year, but this was an all-day session that was bred from being stuck in quarantine and feeling a deep need as a creative to make some photographic art. At three separate times throughout the day, I took the cats from their daytime slumber and put them on the tree. I spread little Temptation treats around and they were totally chill! Bruno is my Orange Tabby cat, did you know that nine out of ten orange tabbies are male? Snowy is the one with blue eyes who ended up being grey and striped instead of all white. Go figure! I had such a great time photographing my cats in the cherry blossom tree, I think I might make this an annual photoshoot! What creative things have you been up to during the stay-home order of the COVID-19 pandemic?