Kristin & Shawn’s Grocery Store Wedding ~ Married at Quality Foods, Parksville, BC ~ Dancing Through Life Together

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A Grocery Store Wedding, Marrying at Quality Foods, Parksville, BC

Yes, you read that correct- Kristin and Shawn did indeed celebrate their marriage with a grocery store wedding at Quality Foods in Parksville. The newly built Parksville location was completed earlier in the 2021 year and includes an upstairs lounge restaurant area with patio and conference room. The aptly named Upstairs patio lounge is a beautiful and diverse space for casual dining, relaxed patio beverages, and private events including weddings! Kristin and Shawn both work in the grocery industry; Shawn at that very Quality Foods, and Kristin at the local Naked Naturals as a nutritionist. These two have a quirky sense of humor and never take life too seriously. They thought hosting their wedding in the Upstairs conference room at the grocery store would be the perfect setting for their marriage story. With a small gathering of family and friends, Kristin and Shawn danced their way into their “I Do’s” and spent a casual day together. Boxes of Special K and Love Crunch cereal lined the windows overlooking the grocery store, and guests were dressed in casual summer attire as per the bride and groom’s request. The event was emotional and moving for everyone present.

Their Love Story

Kristin and Shawn’s love story began at a summer street dance in Qualicum Beach seven years prior. They caught each others eye among the happy crowd and started dancing together. They exchanged numbers and effortlessly became a part of each others lives after that. Dancing has been an integral activity in their relationship, and so they wanted to incorporate the movement into their wedding day as well. Rather than walking up the isle, they danced towards each other through a separate entrance on either side of the conference room. We took their intimate portraits at the bird sanctuary in Parksville before heading to the ceremony, where they once again naturally danced among the ferns and maple trees.

Jane Good of Circle Ceremonies officiated their wedding ceremony, telling their story with a meaningful approach and incorporating the ancient Celtic tradition of handfasting. Family and friends from all over Canada and beyond watched over a live Zoom link, and couldn’t help but smile as these two exchanged deeply emotional vows and committed their lives to each other. It was a true pleasure to capture the free spirited couple in their quirky yet serious demeanor. Wishing you two a lifetime of music, health, dance, and love together.