Laura & Brad’s Spontaneous January Wedding at Rathtrevor Beach

Parksville Wedding Photography

Rathtrevor Beach Wedding in January with Five Sons and Great Grandpa in Attendance!

I received an email on January 1st asking if I was available on January 6th to photograph a small wedding taking place at Rathtrevor Beach. I was! In less than one week, Laura and Brad planned their intimate beach wedding among close family. Laura’s five adult sons were in attendance, as well as her grandpa who is in his 90’s! Brad’s parents also attended. Laurel Russell officiated the wedding, a gem of a human who is often found marrying couples in the Oceanside area :)

This day turned out to be spectacular for lighting! The sun was shining bright while dramatic clouds painted the skies. They chose the perfect day really, as the following week would hit some negative temperatures and a fair amount of snow for Vancouver Island. Huge congratulations Laura and Brad!