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Engagement Photos at Longwood Brewery, Nanaimo Craft Beer in Hand

Brooke and Adam love a good craft brew beer; they met over beer, she was employed by craft beer, and have gained many friends and memories due to it’s social tendencies. We decided that shooting at the Longwood Brewery in Nanaimo for their engagement photos was a perfect storytelling setting. We shot part 1 at the brewery where Brooke worked and finished at the Lantsville beach so they had a few photos that weren’t all about beer. ;)

We photographed their engagement session in mid-June, a very warm day on Vancouver Island where the coolness of a refreshing drink was well accepted. After playing around near the beer vats and the beer storage room, we had a little beach picnic and got to know each other. I encourage at least one outfit change during an engagement session so there are a variety of casual and more formal attire. You will notice that they switched for brewery and beach. I was so excited when they jumped in their red 1964 El Camino, a hobby that Adam shares with his grandpa.

Check out Brooke and Adam’s country style wedding at McLean Mill Historic Park, where they also served Longwood Brewery craft beer ;) ~Adam and Brooke’s McLean Mill Wedding~

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