Maria & Jordan’s Neck Point Park Engagement Photos

Neck Point Park Engagement Photos

Neck Point Park ~ Autumn Leaves and Golden Glow

Maria and Jordan’s Neck Point Park engagement photos were taken in early September when the leaves on the Oak Trees turn yellow. They were looking for an Autumn feel in their photos, and Neck Point Park is a meaningful setting where these two spend a lot of time together. Early September was perfect! I find the Oak Trees turn quite quickly and fall before October at Neck Point. It’s a windy area, no doubt!

It was great getting to know Maria and Jordan before their wedding day. We worked through any camera shy, and I convinced them that they are in fact photogenic. At the end of the session, these two decided they wanted some in-the-water shots. Well, where we were got deep quick, with uneven rocks to descend with. They laughed as they nearly fell in the water together, and finished by sitting in the water in their blue jeans. It was super cute and they loved it. They requested we take some cheesy shots as well, so that was great we could achieve this naturally.

Neck Point Park and Pipers Lagoon Park

Neck Point and Pipers Lagoon are two very beautiful and similar beaches in Nanaimo. They are a three minute drive from each other, and are a popular destination for family and engagement photoshoots. Neck Point even offers a designated area for wedding ceremonies that is absolutely gorgeous! Neck Point Park engagement photos are a common site here in Nanaimo because it’s just so pretty!

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