Marta and Manuel’s Salmonarm Farm Wedding

A Springtime Farm Wedding in Salmonarm

Marta and Manuel’s story is one of adventure and friendship. Originally from Portugal, these two craved a major change in their lives and decided to move to British Columbia and try to make a go of it. They landed in Salmonarm near Shuswap Lake and found farm work opportunities. My auntie Brenda and uncle Ron have an established hobby farm in Salmonarm, and were in a pinch to find caretakers while away visiting their son in Nova Scotia. Marta and Manuel jumped on the opportunity. They have since become great friends with Brenda and Ron, and have fallen deeply in love with the animals they took care of. When planning their wedding, they knew the farm would be the ideal setting.

They set their wedding date for late May and invited family and friends from Portugal. Expecting only their immediate family to make the trip, they were elated when cousins and aunties could join as well! This was such a meaningful occasion to the happy couple, and they were beyond grateful that their families could make the big trip to Canada. For most of their guests, this was their first time visiting the country.

As per tradition in Portugal, as the newlyweds walked back through the aisle, guests threw grains of rice over them in symbol of wishing them success and prosperity. Photos were taken at the farm, up the road at a neighbors big red barn, and finishing at the iconic Salmonarm water fountain. The group was having a blast the entire time. Every single minute of it. You did not ever see the groom without a beaming grin. This was my first wedding on the mainland and it was so much fun! Congratulations to the happy couple, who continue to live in British Columbia, balancing farm life with graphic design careers!