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Their love story began…

When a little flirtation at work turned into a lot of love. They quickly realized that they would be together forever, the decision was mutual and apparent. Darnell decided to take a change in his career and join the military. Sometimes he was training in Nova Scotia, sometimes he was in Alberta. Dara decided to move with him wherever he went. They had a daughter together and were eager to get married- however they decided to wait until they were closer to home to make it easier for family to attend the wedding. When the opportunity came to move back to Vancouver Island, they jumped on it and hurriedly planned their wedding. They had been waiting for this day, and it had finally arrived. Near their hometown in Nanaimo they planned their wedding so that the whole family could make it.

Wedding Details…

Women Getting Ready: Mom and Dad’s houseNanaimo Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

Men Hair Styling: The Edge Barber Shop

Wedding Dress: Bliss Gowns and Events 

Suit: Moores Clothing

Cupcake Wedding Cake: A Wee Cupcakery 

Catering: Livewire Catering 

Wedding Ceremony and Venue: German Cultural Center

Floral: Costco

Wedding Day Memories…

When your Limo breaks down 200 meters from your home, you entertain the kids with bubbles.

With no backup limo available, the entire bridal party/family champagne tipsy so unable to drive, you end up late for your own wedding. But you don’t frown, you laugh!  You embrace and go with the flow. You admire your badass sister for her strength and confidence as she chatted with the limo company over the phone demanding another pickup- another anything as they needed wheels! You have another glass of champagne as you wait for the arrival of a backup plan. In the meantime at the ceremony location, guests were made aware of the delay. No, the groom would not be left standing alone at the alter today. A brilliant idea was put into action while guests were waiting for the bride; the kids were given bubbles. Lots of bubbles. The kids had an absolute blast and it made the sunlit scene that much more idyllic on that beautiful May day. Every time I heard Dara tell guests of the limo breakdown, she said it with laughter and a smile on her face. That’s the best attitude you can have- just roll with it… or push it if you have to but smile all the while!

First Nations Traditional Blanketing Ceremony

A traditional blanketing ceremony was given to the newlyweds by Darnell’s family. They laid a beautiful blanket over the bride and groom and in turn gave their advice and well wishes in front of all wedding guests. It is a sign of respect to them as they have made an important decision; marriage and creating a family. The blanket is theirs to keep as a reminder of this genuine cultural gesture.

Wedding Day Timeline

I wanted to write about their wedding day timeline a little bit here. I admired it and thought it was very smart. They started early and finished early, departing as husband and wife at 6pm. This gave them a chance to spend the evening alone and create a space for memories that might not whirl by as fast as a wedding day does. Usually at the end of a wedding day you are feeling tired and ready for a shower and a solid sleep. These two, I assure you, would have the evening to spend awake and watching the sunset- among other things!

Burger Buffet

Their meal choice was also an interesting one. They had a gourmet burger buffet! There were so many toppings that your burger would definitely require a fork and knife, and the quality was top notch. Thanks to Livewire Catering for the delicious meal. This is a dinner buffet that is sure to appeal to most of your wedding guests. They were even kind enough to ensure there were two vegan burger patties available to us vegetarian photographers. Yummy!