A Valentines Day Wedding Wearing a Green Wedding Dress ~Nanaimo, Vancouver Island Weddings~

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Celeste & Kit’s Intimate Valentines Day Wedding at the Bowen Park Duck Pond

Celeste and Kit celebrated Valentines Day with an intimate wedding at the Bowen Park duck pond. These two were legally marrying in Canada among a small group of family and friends and then celebrating with a larger and more symbolic destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta later that month on the February 29th leap day. It’s complicated to legally marry in Mexico as a Canadian, so these two simplified by having an intimate wedding ceremony in their hometown of Nanaimo- on Valentines day to boot!

The bride and groom got ready together at their home with their three year old son and a handful of family and best friends. Celeste had a variety of fruits, cookies and veggies for snacking, and champagne too. We drove ten minutes away from their home to get to Bowen Park where they would have a simple ceremony at the duck pond. It was simple and so sweet. Celeste wore a beautiful green dress and each of them had a photo of their passed parent on them throughout this ceremony and their destination wedding too. Celeste had hers on her bouquet, and Kit had his pinned near his boutonnière. Some friends and an Uncle and Auntie who wouldn’t be able to make it to Mexico were happy to attend their intimate wedding in Nanaimo. Mom held an Ipad out so a friend could watch the ceremony live, they fed the ducks, and went out to a nice dinner with everyone and had a babysitter for their son that night.

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