Niagara Falls Engagement Photos ~ Linda and Alex’s Goldstream Park Engagement ~ Victoria, BC

Niagara Falls Engagement Photos - Victoria Wedding Photography - Orange Dress

Linda and Alex’s Niagara Falls Engagement Photos, Goldstream Park, Victoria, BC

Linda and Alex moved to Vancouver Island from Edmonton a few years ago and have loved being here every day since. They describe living here as feeling very fresh and vibrant, that everything seems so alive. The air smells extremely clean and they enjoy walking among the outdoor natural spaces that Victoria offers. They became engaged, and decided to take their engagement photos at Niagara Falls in Victoria’s popular Goldstream Park. They wanted to showcase the natural splendor of their new home, and see somewhere new at the same time. They had never been to Niagara Falls and couldn’t help but take a selfie during their session! Awww, lovers.