Beautiful Miracle. Just nine days to go, Little One! | Parksville & Vancouver Island Family Photographer

Waiting, wondering, ready to let the light of the world wrap around you little girl, in all of its complexity, beauty, endearment, and pathways.

With just nine days left in her pregnancy, Willow and I set aside an hour together to capture this incredible and curious time of her life. This is her first pregnancy, and has witnessed all of the amazing changes that her body has gone through in its creating of a little human. The miracle of birth and the abilities of the human body are a wonder. She has learned so much about her body and has thought deeply through many uncomfortable and sleepless nights about how her life is about to change. She has always felt the innate desire to create a family, to create a space of utter safety, comfort and love. When she met her husband Chris a few years ago, she knew she had found a man to build a life with. And they are.

We photographed her baby belly in a quiet setting in the Hilliers- Whiskey Creek area called Hamilton Marsh. I wanted to showcase the time of year her baby girl would be born in; Winter. With snow on the ground and ice and fog over the marsh, it was perfect! We captured a few in the Douglas Fir forest and finished our session on the dock. I was so excited when I saw the boat at the end of the dock, as I knew that canoeing is a favorite hobby of theirs. They even canoed to Della Falls while pregnant over the summer! (It was also awesome because I could make her sit on something besides cold, hard ground!) This beautiful mother and her nearly finished pregnancy were a delight to photograph. I think her daughter will appreciate seeing these images later on in her life, to know what her Mom looked like when she was just a little growing baby inside of her. Willow was a little self-conscious about doing this, but I am so glad that she did. Motherhood and pregnancy make a woman look an all different kind of beautiful. She may not feel sexy, but she is the most glowing and beautiful woman in any room right now.