Parksville Family Photos at Englishman River ~ Siblings in Top Bridge Regional Park

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Englishman River Siblings Photoshoot

Crystal and her three younger brothers hired me to photograph them as a surprise birthday gift for their mom. Englishman River is basically their backyard, and they wanted to have their siblings photoshoot taken in a location that had meaning to both them and their mom. They grew up with this river, and so did I actually. I have so many memories here it genuinely feels like home. It was mid-March when we took these pictures, and it was a typical rainy day. None of us even mentioned the rain, we just let it fall on us because that’s how it is. This was such a casual good time, it felt like we were hanging out in our mutual backyard. Their mom LOVED these pictures and I see that Crystal has one of these photos as her Facebook profile FOUR years later! Haha I guess it’s time I reached out and asked her to shoot again ;)