Patsy & Guy, High School Sweethearts Reunited After 37 Years ~ Tying the Knot on Parksville Beach ~ Parksville Weddings

Parksville Beach Wedding - Parksville Wedding Photography -

Tying the Knot on Parksville Beach, High School Sweethearts Reunited After 37 Years

Patsy and Guy have a love story you’ve heard about in movies and is something so full of hope for every single individual, no matter the time and place in life. Patsy and Guy were the classic high school sweethearts that went their separate ways after graduation, living different lives and marriages for 37 years. Their marriages didn’t last a lifetime, and after a time being single, Guy reached out to his old high school love. He messaged Patsy to see if she wanted to go out for a coffee and muffin. This was 37 years after their last connection. 37 years! Patsy said yes to the muffin and halfway through the coffee, yes to the man. 11 years later, they decided to have an intimate wedding on the Parksville Beach right in front of the beach resort they were staying at. They had a couple of friends join them, cake to eat, wine to drink, and a connection SO playful and lighthearted you couldn’t help but feel happy around these two.

Congratulations you two on your inspiring story. ALWAYS reach out, you never know what kind of YES could be waiting for you.

Parksville Beach Wedding - Parksville Wedding Photography -

Tying the Knot with Jane Good, a Celtic Marriage Tradition

Patsy and Guy had the privilege of being married by Jane Good of Circle Ceremonies. Jane is a beautiful soul who gets to know the couple she is marrying, and takes each celebration to heart. She tells the love story of the couple in her ceremony, and has a natural way of grounding the audience to feel more present in the moment. She also offers a Handfasting Ceremony option to her couples- this is where the expression, “tying the knot” originates from. It is an ancient Celtic marriage tradition where the couples hands were tied with cloth or rope to bind their lives together in matrimony.