~Sunny Beaches and Grumpy Grandkids~ Qualicum Beach Family Photography~

Qualicum Beach Family Photography | Qualicum Beach Family Photographer

Family Photos in Qualicum Beach

Dave’s family spent a few nights together in Qualicum Beach over the summer, and he decided it was a great opportunity to have family photos taken since it’s not too often that they are all in the same place anymore. The day we got together was a sunny August 4th, 23 degrees and NO wind! Being on the hot sand and wading in the cool waters of the ocean, it was a great time. In the beginning, the little boy absolutely did not want his photo taken. I brought out his smiles after asking him what superpower he would choose, and engaging with them all in an extra-playful manner. We threw rocks in the water, we made animal noises, pretended we were a human accordion and splashed around in the water. Everybody told me they didn’t expect many successful family photos due to the boy’s noncooperation, but I was pleased to deliver a more playful, candid set of family photos that they ended up loving!

Beach Access Locations in Qualicum Beach

Qualicum Beach has an impressive waterfront that spans a beautiful curve along the Island Highway (19A) from the downtown Memorial Ave access all the way to a selection of restaurants further North. There are hundreds of places to park your vehicle to access the beach in Qualicum Beach. You can park across from the Shell Gas Station beside the Visitor Center, and along any of the ample parking that reaches the far North end where the restaurants are. If you’d like to check out the beaches in front of the grandfathered waterfront homes, you can drive down any of the following roads to find a spot; Surfside Drive, Buller Road, Judges Row, Hall Road, Seacrest Place and Butterball Drive.