Surprise, Kids!! We’re Getting Married While on our Parksville Vacation!

Parksville Family Photographer

A Rathtrevor Beach Elopement While On Family Vacation

Alana and Jesse knew they wanted to marry each other for quite some time, and decided to plan a secret surprise wedding on their upcoming family vacation to Vancouver Island. They planned to take their three kids, parents, and family friend on holiday to a beach resort in Parksville, and then surprise them with their wedding announcement. How fun!?! Their three children, aged 11, 8, and less than 1 year old were the sweetest little trio. I began photographing them at their vacation rental to capture the getting ready excitement. Their daughter was reading on the couch while the son was enjoying the energized vibe in the house. Once everyone was dressed and ready, we hopped in our vehicles and drove 2 minutes down the road to Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park.

Baby, champagne, rice, marriage certificate and small table in tow, we walked along the beachside path to find a cozy and quiet spot in the forest. Among the Douglas Fir trees, overlooking the ocean, Alana and Jesse exchanged personal vows to each other while their closest family and children watched. Their marriage officiant Sheridan was a dear family friend who has known Alana since she was a baby. She had recently became a marriage officiant and was granted special permission to perform the ceremony outside of her designated region. After they sealed it with a kiss, the kids enthusiastically threw rice onto the newlyweds, which is a traditional symbol of wishing fertility, and Jesse laughed saying they didn’t need any of that good tiding- having three kids already! :P

Congratulations on your special wedding ceremony and on your amazing family ♥