Samoyed Smiles ~ Walking The Fur Babies at Rathtrevor Beach ~ Rathtrevor Beach Family Photos

Samoyed Dogs ~ Rathtrevor Beach Parksville ~ Parksville Family Photographer

Rathtrevor Beach Family Photos ~ Walking the Smiling Samoyeds

George and Tracy reached out to me to photograph their family of smiling Samoyeds. The two dogs were getting older, and with one of them battling stomach cancer, they felt the urgency to capture their family in camera. George and Tracy respect their animals like they are family, and it was very important to them to have a photograph of their fur-babies to print and hang on the wall. My photoshoots are a bit more intensive than just delivering one printed image though, and in the end it made Tracy cry with happiness. They trusted my process of a one-hour family photoshoot at Rathtrevor Beach. Every day around 10am, Tracy and George walk their adorable dogs throughout Qualiucum Beach around their home. On occasion, they walk the trails at Rathtrevor as well, so we decided to capture their daily walk at 10am :)

George and Tracy told me all about their beautiful dogs, how they have had Samoyed for years and simply adore the breed. Tracy uses the fur to felt toques and mittens, which is an excellent way to handle all of that beautiful white coat that comes out in the brushings! The upward grin in the Samoyed natural smile is intended to remove any drooling, as the Northern breed would form dangerous icicles in the extreme cold temperatures. Nature designed the smile to remove that issue, and we absolutely LOVE to see that Samoyed Smile ♥

Wishing your family many more years of love and beach walks, and remembering the sweetness of a Samoyed Smile.